Collection: Socks, Sleeves, & Straps Bundle

Introducing our all-inclusive soccer accessory bundle designed to elevate your game to new heights. The bundle includes grip socks, leg sleeves, and shin guard straps, offering unbeatable value for any game setting. Crafted from a premium blend of nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex, our grip socks ensure a firm grip with quality anti-slip grippers, enhancing stability and agility on the field. Say goodbye to slippage and uncomfortable tape – our socks, sleeves, and straps provide a comfortable, secure fit, boosting confidence and overall performance. Plus, with breathable materials, foot odor is a thing of the past. Available in sizes S/M, our bundle caters to a range of foot sizes and shapes. Experience maximum performance and comfort with our soccer accessory bundle – your ultimate game-changer.

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